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Charlotte's Web- Whole Plant, Full Spectrum, Hemp Extract CBD Oil!


It is that good I am sharing from my positive experiences with my 4 legged and 2 legs!


As a lot of you know I have had shoulder (rotator cuff) issues for years.  Injuries stemming from helping my large breed 4 legged and 18 years of helping all my client’s (dogs) rehab their aches and pains etc.  


After practicing what I preach: Hydrotherapy, Therapeutic Massage, Reiki, Cold Laser, supplements, Physical Therapy and yoga, I have found a new tool in my toolbox.

I experimented with CW Hemp Extract CBD Oil (and with a new weekly yoga practice) for just one month.


Within just 1 month my own Physical Therapist Dr. Rachel Lys of East Hampton Physical Therapy (, who has been generous enough to work with me for years noticed a reduction in inflammation in my shoulder.


My yoga instructor Dr. Glenn Goodman of Sag Harbor Integrative Medicine Associates SHIMA ( noticed more range of motion.  


I noticed I am also sleeping better at night and even my skin looks and feels better!


Like most things in my life, I shared it with my dog Splash!  I have been giving her treats with CW Hemp Extract CBD Oil on them and she is having more ease going upstairs and less stress with thunderstorms!


After following Charlotte’s Web’s since 2013, when CNN aired their story, I truly believe they are the most trusted Hemp Extract CBD Oil out there!  It isn’t just a fad this stuff is the real deal.


So if you want some, let me be your source!





S.S. Aqua Dog- Hydrotherapy

Therapeutic Massage, Reiki

& Cold Laser Therapy for Dogs

& CW Hemp Extract-CBD Oil Source!


Southampton, NY

"I am noticing I am not noticing the things that used to bother me:)!"


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